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Sizing Science has executed several research and consultancy projects in the last 10 years. Below an overview of some of the projects Sizing Science has done.

Data Analysis

3D-scan Technology

Where to locate electronics in fire fighter helmets

Where can electronics necessary for sound processing best be located in fire fighter helmets? Sizing Science investigated it using virtual fitting techniques. This allows a virtual image of the head and helmet to be created, on which the fit can be visualized.

Embedded acoustics is specialized in implementation sensors and audio components. Sizing Science helps the to find the most suited location in the fire fighter helmets.

Data Analysis

Translate body sizes into fitting blouses

At Bivolino, you can order individually tailored shirts or blouses online. This company is leading in providing made-to-measure shirts and blouses

Sizing Science contributed to backbone calculations on how to convert available info like height, weight and age into a good fitting garment


Based on a set of prototype blouses and a selected population of females that fitted the blouses, a mathematical relation was established between self-reported data of the customer and the pattern of a good fitting blouse. Thus, every entry in the webshop is transferred in a pattern of a blouse. The method used at bivolino is published. If you want to learn more, read the paper.

Fit Test

Measuring and analyzing Olympic athletes

In the summer of 2021, the Olympic and Paralympic Games will take place in Tokyo. The temperature will be above 30°C and the humidity high. Never before have the Games been held in such a challenging climate.

In order to prepare our athletes optimally for the hot conditions in Tokyo, the research project Thermo Tokyo was started. Heat strain strongly depends on body shape and surface area of the body. Sizing Science is involved in the project as a consultant in order to be able to determine this as accurately as possible.


Body dimensions of the athletes are determined by ISAK certified specialists of Hogeschool Arnheim Nijmegen. Sizing Science contributed by linking the ISAK measurements to ISO standard 8559 ( Size designation of clothes —— Part 1: Anthropometric definitions for body measurement).

Mobile Measurement

Fit Test

Exploring upcoming markets

Vlisco is a famous supplier of beautiful textiles with Africa as its main market. The demand for garments increased that were made from these textiles. Sizing Science collaborated with local institutions in Ghana and Ivory Coast to establish a database of body dimensions in those countries.

Sizing Science advised Vlisco in how to measure accurately. With this information sizing of garments made from Vlisco textiles could be defined. This made new markets accessible.

Smart Questions

Mobile Measurement

Fit of army clothing

Poor fitting garments is a threat to soldiers’ safety, health and well-being. Sizing Science has taken the lead in an international effort to create a standard and recommendation for sizing in NATO countries.


NATO Research and Technology group HRM-266 was led by Sizing Science to optimize fit and sizing. The international team was awarded the NATO HFM panel excellence award in 2021.

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