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Add science to the art of sizing


Sizing Science helps you to determine the most efficient sizing: a minimal number of sizes and a maximum coverage of the user population. The goal of Sizing Science is to make the fashion- and manufacturing industry more sustainable and efficient by optimizing fit.


In order to provide you with the best possible service, Sizings Science focusses on two target groups: retailers and makers.


Reducing Returns

Many methods and technology are becoming available to determine the correct sizes for your customer. Sizing Science has the knowledge and experience to advise on this and to set up an efficient sizing system. With years of experience with 3D scanning technology, Sizing Science is up to date with the latest developments and know what is best for you to invest in.

Using simple methods like manual measurements, smart phones or smart questions on body shape, or complex methods like 3D scanning, the body dimensions of your customer can be assessed and used as input for virtual fitting. In this way you can reduce returns by supplying the correct size and not several sizes to fit at home.

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Effective sizing

You want to focus primarily on the creative side of clothing design and not have to worry about a shortage or surplus of a particular size. Sizing Science has developed scientific methods to align your sizing and inventory with your target market.

Through data analysis of your target group, Sizing Science can accurately determine efficient sizing and stocking. If these data are not yet known, Sizing Science can assess body dimensions of your target group through a worldwide network.

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Sizing Science has been able to help a large number of makers and retailers over the past 10 years. Below is an overview of some of the projects Sizing Science has done.

Mobile Measurement

Fit Test

Exploring upcoming markets

Vlisco is a famous supplier of beautiful textiles with Africa as its main market. The demand for garments increased that were made from these textiles. Sizing Science collaborated with local institutions in Ghana and Ivory Coast to establish a database of body dimensions in those countries.

Data Analysis

Translate body sizes into fitting blouses

At Bivolino, you can order individually tailored shirts or blouses online. This company is leading in providing made-to-measure shirts and blouses
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