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About Sizing Science

Sizing Science makes the manufacturing and fashion industries more sustainable and efficient for over ten years now. Here you can read more about the company and our staff.

Sizing Science

Sizing science has its origins in science. By adding science to the art of sizing, Sizing Science is able to define and calculate the optimal fit of your products.
10 years of experience

Sizing Science was founded in 2010 by Professor Hein Daanen, as a spin-off of TNO, the organization for applied scientific research in The Netherlands. There was a need for consultancy regarding sizing and fit, based on anthropometric data and solid statistics. Sizing Science has worked for over 15 companies, and played a role in various advisory bodies in the field of body and clothing sizing.


In 2021, Sizing Science won the NATO Human Factors and Medical Panel award for its leading role in research and technology group 266 on 3D body scanning for clothing fit and logistics

Sizing Science is involved in standardization, is affiliated with several universities and has an extensive network in the clothing industry.


Sizing Science believes in a sustainable future where supply and demand can be properly matched. Through adding science and technology to the art of sizing, Sizing Science contributes to reducing returns and more user satisfaction. Sizing Science is happy to play a role in making these methods and technologies accessible and applicable, thus making the clothing and manufacturing industry more sustainable.


By combining knowledge and expertise, Sizing Science provides you with the best possible service.


Hein Daanen

Hein Daanen is professor in Physiology at the Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and head of research at Sizing Science.

He studied human movement sciences and has a track record in management, anthropometry and physiology.

Please visit www.heindaanen.nl for more info.

Our services

Sizing Science uses different methods to help you in the best possible way. Below, you find an overview of the services. A distinction is made between the makers and the retailers.

How can we help?

Sizing Science would like to get in touch with you. There are many opportunities to optimize the sizing of your products.